You guys, I’m starting a publishing company.

Sun’s Golden Ray Publishing, LLC*


There’s a bunch of reasons for it: separating my personal taxes from my business tax, more legitimacy for my books, a new tag line (“Light up your world.”) It will allow me to file all the necessary sales tax paperwork for my upcoming bookselling tour and comic-con appearances.

It’s also a stake in the ground.

I am an Independent Publisher and I’m going All-In-Independent. For this series anyways.

Honestly, I’m scared out of my mind. I filled out a bunch of forms and I put my name on them and my new publishing company. I paid some $400 for LegalZoom to file a federal tax number and a license to sell books in Virginia. It’s all so official and terrifying.

But I see a future where I’ve got a thriving independent publisher. I’ve hired a publicist/agent for me and my fellow authors. I’ve got a couple editors on retainer. Between the group of us, we’ve got a couple authors (including myself) that we shamelessly promote until they don’t want to be promoted anymore. We can have company picnics and potlucks and have a chic office space in downtown Pensacola. We use a SharePoint online site to manage our content.

I could totally make this happen, you guys. Who’s with me?

We will be open to submissions at some point

*So what’s this name about?

When I first started writing on teh internetz, I was all of eleven years old and I wanted to have a fun screen name. My awesome cousin Nicole was reading something by a chick named “Blood Red Rose” and I liked the three-word thingy. Same cousin (obviously a huge impact on me as a young impressionable thing) had given me a ring with a sun on it, and hence I became Suns Golden Ray (no apostrophe in the original name).

Because meta and feels, I opted to go with the same name. As you can probably guess, that is also were the name Suni came from, as my author muse!name.