Welcome to the jungle my new website!

I’ve lost the navy and the green and the Blogger, and gained a fancy new WordPress site. We had some trouble getting it up and running, but I’m happy to say that the site is fully migrated!

It’s perfect timing, too, because today is not only my birthday but it’s the book birthday of Double Life! That’s right, exactly one year ago today, my beautiful baby book was sent out into the universe. I really cannot believe how much has happened in a single year. From Alliances, Empath, and The Island to all of the cities and new friends met at conventions to to the moving to Florida, I feel like it’s been a lifetime in 365 days.

In case you couldn’t tell, the new S. Usher Evans brand is inspired by the beautiful Gulf of Mexico here in Pensacola. I am so excited about living here that I wanted to make you all jealous show off the Upside of Florida. To top it off, I’ve spent some time with Ashley Victoria Photography and have some brand spankin’ new HEAD SHOTS!