Warning: Long, writing-related post ahead related to September Updates. Totes boring. Keep reading.

Hey y’all, it’s been a while, no? But you know what they say, no blogging=more writing. And in this case, that’s actually true.

Since I decided to, yanno, sell a house, move cross country, buy a new house, and remodel it, I’m woefully behind on Conviction. The original schedule was everything would be complete by 7/31.

*looks at calendar*

Nevertheless, I received my first proof of the book a few days ago and just finished editing on the beach going through it. Looking at 1 October to have it all finished, finally. Which means I still make the drop-dead date of 18 October by more than 2 weeks. And you’ll get it on the 28th!

I’ve also been working hard on Fusion, which is just a tad behind schedule as well. But the good news is that I’m halfway through the first draft! If I can keep on this schedule for the rest of the month, I should be able to recover and get the books to the betas on time, too. If you’ll recall, that book is being released in conjunction with Pensacon in February of next year and Valentine’s Day, what?

The interesting thing about Fusion is that, like Conviction, it has been swimming in my head for so long that I can’t actually believe I’m at the scenes that I’ve been building to for four books. And no, I haven’t already cried thinking about that I’m nearly done writing Razia. That’s your tears. Not mine. What?

While I’m hot and heavy in Razia (*ironic snort*), The Island is getting some attention from agents via the old fashioned querying process and from some betas. I’ve paused on uploading new sections to Wattpad for the time being. Partially because if I do get representation for it, the book’s gotta come down. But partially because I’m still chewing on the on-deck scene, and I’m not sure if it’s what I want to say. Giving it some distance to gain perspective. I’ve also had some fabulous feedback from some incredible beta readers. Most everyone is really excited about the book.

And yea, a little part of me is hoping that all the agents I’ve queried to will reject it so I can release it in April because I want to share it with you SO BADLY.

In the middle of all this stuff, I’ve started working on freelancing a bit more. The day job is winding down…

And so I’m working to get used to the idea of searching for freelance jobs while balancing the writing. The good news is that if my schedule calculations are correct, I should be able to slow way down after Conviction and the first draft of Fusion are complete.

But let’s be real here, there’s no slowing down for me.

How’ve y’all been?