For the past eleven weekdays, I’ve been highlighting and gifting my favorite indie books that I read in 2015 as part of Indie-Mas. The biggest struggle has been to pick which of the books I read this year were my favorites, because there were so many. Even more pressing, there’s so many on my TBR to be read.

For the last day of #IndieMas, I thought it would be fun to highlight some of my anticipated 2016 reads (or maybe 2015, if I can get around to them). And for the giveaway tonight, I’m going to be giving away a $10 Amazon Gift Card so that you can put some new indies on your TBR.

On the last day of IndieMas, my author gave to me…


A soul-eating demon named Meda
A body-switching princess named Alyrra
A library apprentice named Vhalla
A marshall named Thierry
A mori named Sara
Mages named Tarik and Hayli
A necronite named Jesse
A landskapë-crosser named Freja
A Shinree named Ian
A town called Blackbird
A world-hopping snow globe


My Giant TBR

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The Ascension Series

Full disclosure, I edited Book 1. But I’m halfway through Book 2 and Book 3 just came out so this one is high up on my to-finish list. It’s a Christian allegory, but done so well that this heathen appreciates the author’s creativity.

I’m eager to read it because Heather’s put up so many barriers–not just the big bad dystopian government, but the minds of the people. How will Fran convince them that their lives of gluttony and bright lights are just a sham? That’s what I wanna know…

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Travel Glasses

Time travel? Yes. Swoony romance love interest? Yes. Gorgeous covers? Absolutely yes.

I’ve heard a lot of great things about these books and just haven’t gotten around to reading them, though I have book 1 on my TBR. And with Book 3 coming soon, I might just be in the mood for a binge-read…

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The Sanctum Trilogy

OOOH I love me a complete series. Madhuri is such a freaking badass human being that it would make sense that she’d write a badass book trilogy. This series has LOOONG been on my TBR, and thanks to a great promotion, I have all three waiting for me to dive in. There is a really good chance this one gets devoured before the end of 2015…

Plus, I hear that Blaylock writes some killer romance, so I’m ready. My body is ready.

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ColorWorld Series

Empaths? Yes please.

Colorworld came on my radar because I vended across from Rachel and her adorable little family at Florida Supercon. They were doing what I could not, which was pack everything in an RV and travel from con to con selling books.


I meet a lot of fellow authors, but I really like the premise behind Colorworld. To boot, it’s a complete series AND is coming as a graphic novel. So there’s literally something for everybody!

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Enter the Janitor

Much like Rachel, Enter the Janitor is a convention find. Josh and his Wordfire press crew were around the corner from me at Pensacon, and then I happened upon them again in WorldCon. My adding Josh to this list has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he helped me carry boxes of books back to FedEx across the street. Nothing at all.

Because seriously, the premise of this book is so unique and funny. There’s a sequel coming out in 2016, so I might have to devour both at once. Magical cleaning squads? Yes please.

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Ziva Payvan Series

You’d think that for a gal that wrote a sci-fi, I would read more of it (#whoops). Obviously, big-dogs GS Jennsen and Jen Foehner Wells are on the list too, but EJ Fisch has a Razia-esque, take-no-shit main character that just makes me wanna go YES. Also, she’s got me one of them damaged, brooding love interest people, which also makes me wanna go YES!

Bonus: Complete series.

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Malediction Trilogy

I‘m not sure if this one counts as indie, I think Angry Robot is skirting the line of a small press, but whatever, I’m tossing this one in here because I’m reading it right now. And I’ve just reached the part where she sees a troll king and I’m like “MOAH PLEASE!”

The final book will be out in 2016, which is a bummer. I hate waiting.

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Do you have a highly anticipated 2016 read (besides Earth’s End, because we’re ALL waiting for that one, y’all…). Answer in the comments! And don’t forget to find me on Twitter today at 6EST to enter to win a $5 Amazon gift card!