Weehah! Welcome the newest addition to the Razia family (all puns intended), Fusion! It’s the last full-length book in the series, and definitely feels like THE END!

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Lyssa Peate has everything she thought she ever wanted. She’s finally earned the respect of her fellow pirates, she’s got a finger on the pulse on her scientist life, and she’s got a core set of friends (and more-than-friends) that have her back. But deep down, she knows none of this goodness will last. And when she finds out a life-changing secret, she wonders if this is the end of her good life.

Piracy is a game. How do you win?

Fusion is the fourth book in S. Usher Evans’ Razia series. Grab the first three books – Double Life, Alliances, and Conviction – and “get sucked” into this fun space opera series.

And coming in June… 

Beginnings – A Razia Novella

Piracy is a Game, How do you start?

Eleven year old Lyssa Peate hopes that her new life at the Planetary and System Science Academy will mean freedom from her tyrannous mother and her bullying brothers. But when she’s kidnapped from a routine field trip by an infamous pirate, she begins to wonder whether she should continue her studies, or join him.

Beginnings is a novella prequel in the Razia series and will be available exclusively electronically on June 12th.

And also…

The Razia Short Story Collection

The Razia Short Story collection will feature eight stories set in the Razia universe focusing on Sage, Lizbeth, Vel, Harms, and two stories that take place post-Fusion. It will also be available electronically on June 12th.