SO who’s excited about The Island Release?

*me! me! me!*

Starting on March 28th, I’m running a little competition so that we can spread the excitement. Basically, I have a list of things that you can do to help spread the word about The Island. Each action, like posting a photo to Instagram or writing a review of The Island, will earn you points. Preordering any version of the book will obviously grant you more!

(Kickstarter backers, I have something special coming your way for Chasm, but feel free to participate anyway!)

The persons with the MOST points by April 26th will win the following prizes:

  • 3rd Place: The $10 prize pack, which is either a t-shirt OR a coffee mug from SGR Publishing, plus an ARC of The Chasm
  • 2nd Place: The $20 prize pack, which is your choice of a t-shirt and coffee mug OR a tote bag, plus an ARC of The Chasm
  • 1st Place: The $50 prize pack, which is a t-shirt and coffee mug and tote bag, or your choice of items from my CafePress store, plus an ARC of The Chasm.

What do you have to do to earn points?

  • +1 pt : Retweet the pinned post on @susherevans
  • +2 pts: Tweet about #MadionIsland and tag me
  • +5 pts: Post an original photo to Instagram and tag me
  • +10 pts: Add a friend to the S. Usher Evans street team
  • +15 pts: Write a blog post about The Island
  • +20 pts: Write a review of The Island on Goodreads
  • +50 pts: Preorder the eBook of The Island (Email me receipt
  • +100 pts: Preorder the Paperback of The Island (email me receipt)
  • +200 pts: Preorder the Hardcover of The Island

And because you know me, and I love to give away things, there will be sneaky little prizes every so often to encourage you to post, including one of four eARCS of The Chasm. I’ve also got a few Bonus Point Days planned, so your points will count double!

Want to play? First, join my Street Team group on Facebook or say what-up on Twitter and I’ll add you to the group chat. Then hang out and I’ll start the fun on the 28th!