Boy, for someone who used to post every day, I’ve sure been slacking lately. In my defense, I’ve been using the other social medias more but still…bloggity-blog-blog.

Oh yeah, and all my finger-keyboard-tapping has been geared toward those books you guys love so much.

There’s a lot of schtuff going on in Susherland, so I thought I’d break it up by series.

Madion Trilogy

First and foremost, we have The Island’s Release Competiviganza, which is a month-long effort to get everyone all excited about The Island, which comes out in exactly 3 weeks (AH.) You can win points by tweeting or posting a blog or whathaveyou. You can also earn some points by preordering the book itself, and a little birdy told me that if you order via, the publisher gets them in the mail that same day.

As part of the competiviganza, I’m hosting another #QwSush, which you guys should definitely attend if you want to get some sneak peeks of some Chasm-related goodies.

Speaking of Chasm, it’s currently in the hands of my fabulous line-editor, which means that it’s two steps away from being a complete book (looking at mid-may for ARCs and such). If you’re playing along with the release extravaganza, there might be a giveaway involved tomorrow on Instagram.

Which leaves us with The Union. I’ve started the preliminary plotting activities, aiming to put in as much blood, death, and destruction as possible. It amuses me that I’ve begun writing Book 3 before Book 1 is even published, but hey, that’s publishing.

The Razia Series

Oh, my bitchy bounty hunter’s not been getting any attention. And you know how she hates that.

Big news there is that I’ve early-released Beginnings, the prequel novella, exclusively on It’s available for preorder on all the other stores, but if you want to know how Lyssa Peate became Razia the space pirate, as well as see baby!Sage (the only reason for getting Beginnings, really), you can buy it now for the special price of $0.99. I’ve got all formats available, but, as always, if the file doesn’t work on your eReader, hollah.

I also just went through and made some minor corrections (and in DL’s case, some really big ones #rookiemistakes) in all four books to prepare for the Big Bertha edition, so that’s nearly ready (also preorderable on all the eBook stores) The only piece that’s missing is the Short Stories, which I had to get to Dani a month late because #writerproblems. I’m excited to wrap up the final piece of Razia and cry a river because my baby’s all finished.

The short stories will feature the two Sage Teon stories, a Lizbeth, Vel, and Harms short, and two post-Fusion epilogue cotton candy pieces. Literally, there’s zero nutritional value to those last ones. They’re also preorderable now, but something tells me they might show up early on SGR-Pub next month.

Lexie Carrigan Chronicles

My brand new baby. This young adult contemporary fantasy about a girl who finds out she has magic–and a whole lot more–is coming your way in October. Right now, it’s in a complete-ish draft state, and I’m trying to poke it and see if it’s flowing the way I want it to. This one will go to the betas around the end of the month.

I’m toying with all my promotion tools for this one, and I’m thinking I might do another release competiviganza+preorder swag effort. So if you aren’t already on the street team, then make sure you get on-board!