When the lovely Camilla asked us to help her out with a fantastic cause bringing books to poor kids in China and Vietnam, The Library Post Project, I was like, “HELL YES!” You can read more about The Library Project after the break!

Noisy Nora was the very first book I ever read. I was four years old, and had read it so many times that it stuck in my mind.

Jack had dinner early
Father played with Kate
Jack needed burping
So Nora had to wait

Having books available to kids is SUPER important, and I know my life has been richer for having tons at my fingertips. Somewhere in the bowels of our house, my mom has recordings of her reading to my brother and I, although I might’ve recorded some Whitney Houston over one of them (sorry mom!).

The point is, reading is super important for brain development. And developed brains are good for all of humanity. So let’s support this great cause and help get some awesome books to some great kids.

Since 2006, The Library Project has focused on improving rural children’s literacy in Asia. In April 2015, they donated their one MILLIONTH book (holy crap!). Since their inception, they’ve expanded from China to Vietnam and Cambodia, focusing on providing local language libraries selected by 100% local leadership. They also provide library training to teachers and orphanage administrators.

To learn more, or to donate, check out their website here: