I kind of like these monthly writerly updates, may become a regular thing!

Madion War Trilogy

In case you missed it, I released The Island a few days ago. I’m fairly pleased with the release, and even more excited to get The Chasm to you guys. Also, ICYMI, I’ve got a really cool preorder swag thing going on right now with Chasm. I just put in an order for some PBs and HCs that folks have preordered, so if you want yours SOONER rather than later, hit me up.

Which brings us to The Union.

I’m not sure what’s going on with this book. No, that’s a lie. I know what’s going on with this book. It’s a combination of pressure of tying up all the loose ends and coming up with a really great plot to end the series–plus I started a new part time job (hooray…) and I’ve been doing a lot of traveling. Bottom line is that I’m really only writing a few hundred words a day on it. But it’s not as if I’m running up against a deadline (lol, like say, Conviction). I don’t have to get it to the betas for another two and a half months. But the slowness of it–especially after the last couple have come together very quickly–is annoying. I’m almost craving an immersive two weeks where all I do is jump into the world and write what I see. But I’ll have to figure something else out because I’m not going to get that.

I would love to have this first drafted before MobiCon on the 26th so I can segue into a vacation after Dallas, but somehow methinks that won’t happen.


Speaking of books that won’t write themselves, I’m slowly (SUPER SLOWLY) incorporating line edits for the seven Razia short stories. It’s legitimately the LAST piece of the Razia series, and, as is par for the course, I’m dragging my feet. In the first place, I hate line edits and in the second, I hate line edits.

I have to get them finished before I leave for MobiCon at the end of the month, because I leave for Dallas like 2 days later, and the finals have to be uploaded by June 2nd. Also, the sooner I get them finished, the sooner I get to do things like make hardcovers for the Razia books with the shorts at the end.


Lexie Carrigan

No news on this front other than I’ve gotten some great feedback from the betas. Another one that’s looming large on the must-finish-before-MobiCon because it’s due to my line editor on June 1st. I’m planning on bringing 20 or so ARCs to BookItCon so if you’re interested, I’ll make sure to get you a copy.

The New Trilogy I Can’t Write

It is the First Law of Suni’s Creativity that when I am away from my computer for a few days (and/or driving for more than 5 hours), I will inevitably come up with a new book idea. The idea will stew and fester, and most often, drop back to the back where it belongs once I return.


No, this one has arrived in my brain, all three books perfectly plotted and ready to go. So fully formed that I’m considering bumping my super hero story to a later date, because it’s still nebulous jello compared to this storyline. Whereas this one has arrived full of layers and feelings and junk. So I dunno. There’s still Union and the second Lexie book to finish before I get to it.

BUT MAN. It’s coming together with Island-like clarity. What are you doing to my perfectly laid plans, Suni?