Two major milestones this past weekend (I’m so late on this…). First and foremost, on Sunday, I turned 30. Secondly, also on Sunday, I released the final pieces of my very first complete series. I can’t believe I’m saying goodbye to Razia.

For those who’ve been living under a rock, or perhaps just joined us, or maybe are just visiting the site for shits and giggles (hai!), Razia is a four-book space opera series about a woman leading a double life as a space pirate bounty hunter and planet-discovering scientist. Unfortunately, neither life is going so well. As Razia the space pirate, she’s one of the least wanted pirates in the universe, and as Lyssa the scientist, her intern is definitely spying on her. Things get worse when that intern is mistaken for her hostage by the universal police.

Me and a few disgruntled one-star reviewers agree–it’s not your typical sci-fi. It’s less about space and ships and battles and more about the idea of self-worth, parents, children, and how one woman comes to terms with the life she’s been given.

The thing about Razia is that she and I lived parallel experiences during the drafting of the first few books, so closing out the series the same time I close out on my twenties seems symbolic. She and I have figured ourselves out, and while we’re not perfect, we are both able to close the book on our journeys of self-discovery and get down to the business of living.

Regardless, it’s going to be weird to not be actively promoting Razia. Now that I’ve got Madion and Spells to focus on, Lyssa’s going to have to go sit with Lauren in the back. And we all know how much she hates that. So I thought I’d dedicate one more blog post to her, and to give everyone the run-down of what was released on Sunday.

The Complete Razia Series

The entire enchilada, all four books, one prequel novella, and seven short stories wrapped up in one eBook. Clocking in at over 312,000 words, it’s a binge-worthy experience.

Special note: Reviews would be super appreciated on this one!

The Razia Series in Hardcover

For those who’ve been waiting to get Razia in a gorgeous hardcover version, they’re now available (I have ONE set on hand here, so you might get it faster via Amazon). Each book also includes a bonus short story or two in the back.

Beginnings, a Razia prequel novella

Ever wonder how Lyssa became Razia? This prequel novella tells the story of when eleven year old Lyssa found herself in the crosshairs of one, Tauron Ball. See all your favorite Razia characters when Lyssa met them, including an adorably adorable baby!Sage Teon.

The Razia Short Story Collection

Speaking of Sage, his two one-off stories have been included in a large short story collection, along with a Lizbeth, Harms, and Vel short story. But let’s be real, everyone’s buying this one to read the two Fusion epilogue short stories, including one that takes place 5 years later.