When my mom was reading Spells and Sorcery, she asked me who Gavon McKinnon is based on. In truth, he’s really not based on anyone. But he’s exactly who Lexie needs the night she finds out about magic. Panicking, Lexie’s eager for any kind of normalcy, and Gavon, with his dockers and salt-and-pepper hair, has just the right amount of humor and intelligence to bring her back down.

Without spoiling too much, Gavon is a smart man, and someone who loves to learn about what the world has to offer. To Lexie, he’s genuinely kind and concerned about her well-being. Although Lexie doesn’t listen to himĀ all the time, his is the voice of reason she comes to listen to.

UNFORTUNATELY, I can’t say too much more about him without spoiling some major plot twists. So here’s his aesthetic. Do with it what you will.

Gavon McKinnon is the mysterious stranger who teaches Lexie about magic.

Side note: I always have a hard time figuring out who I’d pick as people, and Gavon’s no exception. But Gerard Butler with more beard and more gray might just work…

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Take a trip back thirty years to when Gavon first landed in our world and find out how it all happened.