Being the pain in the ass that she is, Marie’s the one who ruins the big surprise. She appears in the kitchen as Aunt Jeanie and Lexie’s other sister Nicole are trying to slowly lower the boom. Then, in pure Marie fashion, she conjures a sandwich in front of Lexie, then transports herself out of there.

Lexie, of course, takes it about as well as you’d think.

I don’t create bitchy characters just to create bitchy characters. Both Marie and Nicole were old enough to remember the night their mom died (the day Lexie was born), and they’ve both reacted in the two different extremes. Nicole (who I’ll chat more about next week) turns into the de-facto Mom, whereas Marie decides to act out. She and Jeanie, who takes them in, fight like cats and dogs all the time.

While Nicole and Lexie both excel in school, Marie doesn’t, and she resents her sisters for their success, especially Lexie. In fact, Marie often tells Lexie that they aren’t really sisters (which, for the record, they are) and ignores and bullies Lexie at school.

Marie has healing magic, a very rare, very specialized sort of magic that can be used to replenish others. Of course, being that she’s not a very giving person, she’s not very good at it. But unlike Nicole, Marie can also conjure, summon, transport. But she used her magic to fix up her beautiful red convertible, which is her pride and joy.


I’ve fancast Dove Cameron from a couple Disney channel shows. She’s got the bitchy vibe that Marie uses, but she’s also got a softer side. Marie may seem like a total shithead, but underneath, she does have a healer’s heart.

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