Every Thursday until #LexieSpells comes out, I thought I’d talk a little more about some of the main characters! Today, more on Lexie’s oldest sister, Nicole. She’s like Lexie’s second mom, and they’ve got a pretty close bond.

One of the first things Lexie learns about magic is that her sister Nicole doesn’t have the traditional kind, or the ability to conjure, summon, transport, etc. Nicole is a potion-maker, a fate which in the 1600’s would’ve resulted in her being killed at birth in some circles.

Growing up basically a squib in a magical family, not to mention being there the night her mother died, has done a number of Nicole’s confidence. She excels at chemistry and in school, but she’s hesitant to take risks, and thinks more about Lexie and Marie’s needs than her own.

Since Jeanie wasn’t the touchy-feely kind of mother, Nicole took it upon herself to fill that role. Marie, being closer in age, found it horribly disgusting. But Lexie, who was eight years younger, formed a close bond with her sister, and one that continued up until Lexie found out about magic.

Nicole should’ve been the person Lexie got all the answers from, except because Nicole didn’t have the same kind of magic as Lexie (or any, other than potion-making), she couldn’t. And Nicole is bound by magic to follow the rules of the guild, meaning she can’t divulge information that Lexie so desperately needs.


I fan-cast Gemma Arterton as Nicole. I envisioned Nicole and Lexie as being very similar, with Marie being the odd one out. And this photo really spoke to me, too.

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