Potions and Healing, Oh My!

///Potions and Healing, Oh My!

Potions and Healing, Oh My!

healingpotionLexie’s sisters have two unique brands of magic. Her eldest sister, Nicole, is a potion-maker and her middle sister, Marie, is a healer.

Potion-makers are almost like squibs from Harry Potter, except they do still have some magic, just not the usual kind. Their powers are limited to working with magical ingredients. As Gavon explains to Lexie, she and Nicole could put together the same ingredients and come out with vastly different potions.

Marie, on the other hand, is incredibly powerful, although her healing leaves a lot to be desired. She and Lexie fight like cats and dogs, as siblings do, and that doesn’t change when Lexie comes into her powers.

The problem comes when Lexie begins learning how to spar with Gavon, she needs healing to replenish what she’s lost. But Nicole doesn’t make potions (and doesn’t know about Lexie’s evening chats with her mysterious teacher) and Marie would rather eat her foot than help Lexie.

Which leads our brilliant little magical to make the not-so-brilliant decision to brew her own potion. You’ll have to read to find out what happens…

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Magic and Mayhem, book 2 in the Lexie Carrigan ChroniclesAt the start of her senior year of high school, Lexie Carrigan is focused on two things–getting accepted to the college of her dreams and keeping her sisters safe. But when Gavon’s apprentice, James Riley, appears on the first day of school, all of Lexie’s well-laid plans of having a normal senior year go out the window.

James says he’s there to learn, but Lexie doesn’t trust him, and she refuses to make another colossal mistake like she did with Gavon. Despite her best efforts, an unlikely friendship blossoms in the sparring ring, and James proves an adversary unlike any she’s faced before: one she understands.

Magic and Mayhem is the sequel to Spells and Sorcery, a young adult contemporary fantasy from author S. Usher Evans.

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