separationBeing such a student of history, of course Lexie would want to know everything about history as it pertained to magic. Gavon, of course, is more than willing to oblige, telling her the story of the brief magical experiment that ended with a bloody two year war and the Separation.

When the Europeans first came to the US, the magicals took advantage of the space and freedom and decided to set up their own little colony where they could practice magic openly. This lasted for a bit until they realized they still needed to trade with the non-magicals, and the colony grew too large to hide.

However, since there was a generation of magicals who’d grown up without having to hide their magic, they said, “Screw this” and a war broke out between those who wanted to assimilate with the non-magicals, and those who wanted to remain free–and enslave the non-magicals.

Johanna Chase, the daughter of the guildmaster John and Lexie’s maternal ancestor, figured out how to create a magical space, or another pocket of reality, that would serve as a prison for the Separatists. Eventually, as depicted in the graphic, the Separatists lost and were sentenced to live in this prison.

After the Separation, the Council of Danvers decreed (again, as we learned in a previous blog post, a decree/pact is enforced by the power inherent in those who belong to the group. So this pact was pretty damned iron-clad) rules like no magic until fifteen, non-magicals won’t know about magic, dragon’s blood can only be used for healing potions, that sort of thing.

But most importantly, there would be no more specialities, like healers, potion-makers, and most importantly, warriors like James Riley who could wreak havoc on the world. Everyone would just have a blend of normal magic, much less powerful than before.

So, as I’m sure you’re wondering, how the hell did Nicole and Marie become a healer and potion-maker? Lexie’s wondering the same thing…

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