Indie-Mas is my annual recap of all the great independently-published books I read in the previous year. I like to take this time to share the love–both by helping promote great indie books and giving them away! So without further ado…

On the sixth day of Indie-Mas, my author gave to me:

A feisty woman who can raise the dead
My favorite kind of love triangle
A New Orleans-based Fantasy with a Snarky Fairy
An Elemental Epic Fantasy
A Steampunk Dystopian


A Male-POV of my favorite trilogy

No, this isn’t 50 shades, or even Twilight. This is the Relentless Trilogy, my guilty pleasure and favorite PNR trilogy in the history of ever. Last year, I talked about why I love it, unable to put into words why it pinged every one of my fangirl buttons. And when I found out that Karen Lynch was writing a book from Nikolas’ POV, I couldn’t one-click fast enough.

This was a nice look into life of a Mohiri before Sara came along. Nikolas had a life, he had lovers and friends. He wasn’t looking to settle down by any stretch of the imagination. But the demon that lived in his head had other plans when he first saw Sara. It was so much fun to watch him fight his own internal struggle of coming to terms with this new reality, and it gave some insight into his hot-and-cold nature in the first book.

We also got to see more of the secondary characters–Chris, Tristan, and others. It was really nice to see them as Nikolas saw them–peers versus superiors. And also to get a ring-side seat to his fighting, and the rages his demon would send him into when Sara was in trouble. I was pleased that this was a bit more adult than Sara’s POV–after all, he’s a two hundred year old demon who’s had plenty of sex. It made sense to see him reacting to her like a typical adult would, instead of a more innocent kid.

This was exactly what I wanted from this series–and I was so glad to revisit my friends in her world.

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