All this month, I’ve been sharing more info about my books as part of the Upgrade my eBook challenge! The premise for the contest is simple: You’ve got one (or all) of my books in eBook on your Nook or Kindle, right? (And if not, Both Double Life and The Island are free downloads across all eBookstores, and you can get a free copy of Empath by signing up for my newsletter.) Simply write a review of any of my books and tell me about it on the form below, and you’ll be entered to win a paperback in that series.

There will be one winner per series. One grand prize winner will be one of the very first lovelies to get their hands on Resurgence, the first Demon Spring book.

And today, the last day of the challenge, I’m gonna tell you why you WANT to win this book…

Oh y’all, I’m so, so excited to share this baby. I decided to write all three books before publishing the first one, which I’ve never done before. But it’s given me the space and time to really get into this series (in the midst of the other craziness that is my life) and get to know these folks on an intimate level.

Here’s the synopsis for Book 1:

Demon hunter Jack Grenard’s life changed three years ago when his wife was brutally murdered by the very demons he’d been hunting. At the urging of his partner Cam Macarro, he’s starting a new life in Atlanta, hoping he’ll find the man he used to be. But on a routine hunt, they come across a new type of demon–one that saves instead of kills.

Meanwhile, demons across Atlanta are preparing for the quadrennial uprising of their Underworld brethren. Worse yet, there’s a rumor the so-called king of the demons, Bael, will appear for the first time in over a century. Jack and Cam must uncover the truth about the mystery woman before all hell–literally–breaks loose.

Demon Spring is my first urban fantasy series. It’s dark, it’s adult, it’s gritty. The first book has threads of Empath, as Jack deals with the loss of his wife. The second book’s got threads of Double Life as a damaged woman learns how to love again. And if you couldn’t get enough of Lyssa and Lizbeth’s dynamic duo in Alliances, you are going to LOVE book 3.

The books will be released February 20th, May 15th, and August 7th respectively and they’ll be a Kindle Unlimited exclusive. If you’re saying “Oh Sush, I can’t wait until NEXT YEAR” then I would highly recommend subscribing to my newsletter, as I’ve been known to offer early releases to Sush Insiders.

And also, make sure to get those reviews in, because one lucky person will get a paperback copy of Resurgence!

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