Upgrade my eBook Challenge – Empath

///Upgrade my eBook Challenge – Empath

Upgrade my eBook Challenge – Empath

The Upgrade My eBook challenge 2017 has been extended to a whole month this year, giving you plenty of time to read the books–and write the reviews!

The premise for the contest is simple: You’ve got one (or all) of my books in eBook on your Nook or Kindle, right? (And if not, Both Double Life and The Island are free downloads across all eBookstores, and you can get a free copy of Empath by signing up for my newsletter.) Simply write a review of any of my books and tell me about it on the form below, and you’ll be entered to win a paperback in that series.

There will be one winner per series. One grand prize winner will be one of the very first lovelies to get their hands on Resurgence, the first Demon Spring book.

Last week, I shared a little more about my space pirate series. Today, my standalone featuring an anxiety dragon.


Yep, you read that right. Anxiety Dragon. As in the dragon is the manifestation of my anxiety.

Empath is one of those books that you write for yourself. To be frank, I write every book for myself first, but this one more than others. Within the pages of this book, I laid bare all of my insecurities, fears, and feelings about The Break-Up.

Yeah, apologies to The Ex.

Empath is also one of those books that either resonates with you on a deep level, or doesn’t. Either you know exactly what Lauren is doing, or you’ve never experienced it and you’re like “WTF is this girl crying about this crap?”

It was the first book I’ve ever written where every word was intentional. Every feeling Lauren has, every thought she dismisses were ones that I had during my Six Months of Crazy in 2013. Even the ones that I look back and say, “Oh, child. No. Stop. Don’t…”

Empath is also a standalone, but I’ve been toying with an idea for a sequel where Lauren returns to Rhianu with a dude and has to help him through his crap. But seeing as Empath drained my emotional well for about six months, I’m not sure I want to tackle that just yet. In any case, I’m happy with my stand-alone.


Empath anxiety dragon book

Lauren Dailey is in break-up hell.

Stuck between moving on and letting go, she puts on a brave face while crying herself to sleep at night. But when a mysterious voice promises escape from her sadness, she is suddenly transported to a new world. And in this place, the slightest touch pulls her out of her tortured emotions into the mind of another - an empath.

The villagers - sweet Aerona and her mischievous twins, wise Siors, and hunky Cefin - welcome her and the blessings her empath powers bring. But this world is not without its dangers. The Anghenfil, a fire-breathing monster, has haunted the village for decades, and has a taste for empaths. And that mysterious voice promising escape from sadness? It's sounding more like a whisper tinged with smoke and embers.

Can Lauren keep the monsters in the mountain and in her head at bay? Or will she succumb to the darkness like the empath before her?

Empath is a book about a girl going through a rough patch. She hears a mysterious voice promising an easy out to all her problems, and is transported to a world where she has the power to feel what others are feeling. Just one problem: there's a dragon that might want to eat her. And oh, by the way, it might also be the source of that mysterious voice, tempting her deeper into her own darkness.

Empath is a standalone novel intended for ages 15 and up. Content warnings for mental health issues, substance abuse, and suicide.

Publisher: Sun's Golden Ray Publishing
Reviews:Majanka Verstraete on I Heart Reading wrote:

This is a thrilling book that mixes a solid fantasy setting with the heroine’s emotional turmoil and does so in a surprising, but well-executed way. Recommended to fantasy fans who don’t mind a more contemporary touch in their books (Lauren is, after all, still a twenty-first century girl traveling to a fantasy world).

Mindy on Books, Books, and More Books wrote:

Interesting premise of time and space/dimension travel mixed with psychological or mental illness issues so that you aren’t sure even at the end if it really happened. The story was an interesting mix of fantasy and reality. It explores the concepts of depression, suicide, and letting other people in to the “secret” thoughts and emotional connections. Well written so that it is intriguing rather than preachy.

Jen Streck on Psychocat Reviews wrote:

There's a good chance those final chapter will break your feels, but they will also remind you that ending up at the bottom doesn't mean you have to stay there.

Ready to get started? Add your info below!

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