It’s that time of year again! The Upgrade My eBook challenge 2017 has been extended to a whole month this year, giving you plenty of time to read the books–and write the reviews!

The premise for the contest is simple: You’ve got one (or all) of my books in eBook on your Nook or Kindle, right? (And if not, Both Double Life and The Island are free downloads across all eBookstores, and you can get a free copy of Empath by signing up for my newsletter.) Simply write a review of any of my books and tell me about it on the form below, and you’ll be entered to win a paperback in that series.

There will be one winner per series. One grand prize winner will be one of the very first lovelies to get their hands on Resurgence, the first Demon Spring book.

Today, I’m chatting about my oldest child. The bitchy bounty hunter herself. Dr. Lyssandra Peate, aka Razia. You’ve got a whopping SEVEN chances to win with this series–more if you decide to cross-post on all the other eBookstores and Goodreads.

In the umpteenthousand conventions I’ve been to in the past few years, I’ve given the following schpiel umpteenbillion times. Because it works, I’m going to give it to you right here, right now.

Prepare yourselves.

Double Life is about a girl living a double life (subtle title, I know) as a planet-discovering scientist and space pirate bounty hunter. Unfortunately, neither life is going so hot. As Razia the bounty hunter, she’s one of the least wanted people in the universe. As Lyssa the scientist, her new intern is definitely spying on her.

Then things get worse when her intern is mistaken for her hostage by the Universal Police!

But really, why do I love Lyssa? Because she’s a tough little nut to crack, but when she finally breaks, it’s so beautiful. Her story is one of self-reflection, discovery, and learning how to be a badass, both physically and emotionally.

Also, Sage Teon is a cream puff little precious baby and he’s too good for Lyssa.

The Razia series is four books (Double Life, Alliances, Conviction, Fusion) and also includes a prequel novella (aptly titled Beginnings, but should be read after Fusion for the biggest punch) and seven short stories which offer a bit more insight into what each character is up to when Lyssa’s not hogging their attention. There’s also the eBook box set, which has everything Razia in one neat little package.

As I said above, that’s seven chances to win a paperback copy of Double Life (or any book in the series you don’t have). Already have the collection, or space pirates aren’t your thing? Next week, I’ll be talking about the Anxiety Dragon book!


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