Howdy-ho writerly people! It’s still hot as blazes here in the Upside of Florida, but they tell me fall is coming soon. Things are getting busier (if possible) in Sushland as I put the finishing touches on my ten month marketing blitz for Demon Spring. Lexie’s also back in the hot seat, for all you magic fans out there. Here goes your October Writerly Updates…

Demon Spring is Coming…For Realzies Now

My new Urban Fantasy may not be releasing until 2-20-2018, but there’s plenty of good stuff to be had before then. I completed my goal of pre-scheduling all my blogs and promo information this month. Also, I sent out ten paperback copies to my ten giveaway winners for the cover reveal on 10/30. Dani, the amazing Line Editor, just sent me back the edits for Book 2, and I’m nearly ready to send her Book 3. Basically, things are rocking and rolling.

If you’ve missed it, you can actually read the first four chapters (well, prologue and 1-3). Just sign up for the Sush newsletter here and Instafreebie will deliver it. Being on the Sush list will be beneficial next month, because I’ll be rolling out my Insider Special.

What’s that? I’ll tell more next month.

Lexie is Back

Why do I do these things to myself? Namely, set another goal of trying to finish Lexie 3 and 4 before the end of the year. In my defense, there’s three months and Lexie 4 is about halfway written. And also y’all have been very patient with me.

Lexie 3 is actually going to be two parts, and could technically be two novellas. The first part will be Gavon at 18 and the second will be Gavon at 30. Part 1, which I’m working on right now, is really adorable and will rot your teeth. Part 2 will rip your soul out. So it’s a nice balance.

The other night, I browsed through what I had so far with Lexie 4. If you’ll recall my kvetching earlier in the year, I thought it was a garbage book that had little value. Happily, upon reading it six months later, I find it to be really good. And it’s a fitting end to the series–as of right now. The door is open for more, and I’ve always thought about more, but four is where we’ll leave it.

Release dates for Lexie 3 and 4 will be October 30, 2018, and January 22, 2019. But I’m already thinking of promotional stuff, including a bookish box that would contain bath bombs (or attack spells) and a healing potion candle. First, though, I should probably finish writing them.