Hey gorgeous people! Long time, no talk, huh?

Well if you’re one of the beautiful folks on my newsletter, or if you follow me on social media, you might’ve heard something about this Sush Insider Special I’m running. In an nutshell: It’s a Kickstarter without the kickstarter. A chance for you to buy copies of Demon Spring early and help me fund the series so I’ll be ahead for 2018. You get books early, I get money early. Win-win!

Tell Me More

You can buy just the first book in paperback and hardcover (eBook preorders coming around Thanksgiving). Or you can buy all three books. There’s also a very special Swag Pack featuring buttons, bookmarks, and art by the lovely Ashley from Zeefa Studios:

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How Do I Buy?

Easy! Simply head on over to www.sgr-pub.com/sush-insider-special. If you’re one of my Street Team (or know one of ’em), you can hit them up for a coupon code to get 15% off. But this deal is only good until the end of the month, and then…you’ll have to wait until February for Book 1, May for Book 2, and August for Book 3.

So buy now!

And click on the covers if you want to learn more about the series: