It’s the best time of the year! This is the THIRD annual recap of all the independently-published books I’ve read. I like to take this time to share the love–both by helping promote great indie books and giving them away! So without further ado…

On the second day of Indie-Mas, my author gave to me:

A Gamer Girl Turned Mage

The premise of this one grabbed me. Kat is a girl who loses herself in a computer game, only to find out that the game is pretty damned real. And she’s not just a gamer girl, she’s a mage.

The first book was well done, giving us enough of the world and characters to feel for what could possibly be in the rest of the series. A point of particular interest was Kat and Alex, the panther shifter. Normally, I steer far away from shifter things, but this was a slow burn romance that had few magical twists to it.

Even better: I couldn’t guess the motives of anyone.

A magical necklace. A new identity. A fight to stay alive.

Reeling from the death of her adoptive parents, Kat Thomas retreated from college life into an online fantasy game. But what if the game she plays is closer to reality?

When a panther shifter named Alex knocks on her door one night, he delivers a message and a package. Kat’s birth mother was a powerful mage who has just been murdered…and now the killer is after Kat. The package contains her mother’s talisman: an amber necklace that latches onto Kat’s neck and attacks anyone who tries to remove it. Before she knows it, ice is shooting from her hands and she’s on the run from an assassin.

Kat must navigate a world of magic and intrigue, fight the forces that want her dead, and protect her friends from becoming collateral damage–all while coming to terms with her new identity.

This is one game she can’t afford to lose.

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IndieMas is my annual recap of my favorite reads of the year. It’s a chance for me to pause the Sush marketing machine and focus on some folks doing good work out there. I like to really focus on those underrated gems with less than 50 reviews. For you, the reader, I do a giveaway on each post, as well as a grand prize. This year, I’m giving away a paperback copy of one of the eleven books, shipped anywhere Book Depository delivers!

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