It’s not often that I develop a massive crush on a side character. But that’s exactly the kind of person Cam Macarro is. She’s my feisty, bossy, Hermione-inspired, brilliant Division agent. As Jack’s partner, she pulled him down to Atlanta to snap him out of his funk. And as his best friend, she’s doing everything she can to bring him back to life.

The Adult Hermione

I’ve often said that I see Jack and Cam as adult Harry and Hermione. The two kids who went through a lot together and came out smarter and thicker than thieves. Jack is the “Chosen One” with PTSD, and Cam is the brilliant woman who keeps him out of the fire. “I told you so” is a common refrain from her. At the Academy, Cam (who’s great aunt sits on the Council with Jack’s grandfather) was often overlooked because her name wasn’t as recognizable. And oh boy, did that drive her bonkers.

Now, as a fully-fledged Division agent, Cam has her sights set on becoming a director of a mid-sized city. But she can’t do that without Jack (or so she thinks). Hence why she forces him down to join her. Her inability to trust herself solo is a big theme in the second book–and one I’m really glad I was able to share.

Cam vs. La Colibrí

When she and Jack first come across their mystery woman, it’s Cam that gives her the moniker La Colibrí, or “the hummingbird.” Cam, who is 100% on board with Jack getting back out there dating-wise, is not okay with this new fascination. She knows that it’s probably not rooted in something healthy–namely, he feels guilty about his wife’s death, and he’s still looking for someone to save.

Speaking of romantic relationships, I will definitively say with 100% certainty that there will be zero romance between Jack and Cam. Zilch. None. Nada. Nun. Jack and Cam love each other more than anything, but they will never be romantically involved. Ever. Ever ever. Which also means, happily, there’s no love triangle. Thank God.

Resurgence, the first book in the Demon Spring trilogy, is an urban fantasy novel.Buy the first book in the Demon Spring trilogy

Demon hunter Jack Grenard’s life changed three years ago when his wife was brutally murdered by the very demons he’d been hunting. At the urging of his partner Cam Macarro, he’s starting a new life in Atlanta, hoping he’ll find the man he used to be. But on a routine hunt, they come across a new type of demon–one that saves instead of kills.

Meanwhile, demons across Atlanta are preparing for the quadrennial uprising of their Underworld brethren. Worse yet, there’s a rumor the so-called king of the demons, Bael, will appear for the first time in over a century. Jack and Cam must uncover the truth about the mystery woman before all hell–literally–breaks loose.

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