Everyone welcome today’s guest, S.K. Gregory!

My name is Sam and I am a writer, blogger and reviewer. I have written quite a few books over the last six years, about many supernatural beings, but I think the ones I keep coming back to are demons. My first book Daemon Persuasion featured a half demon woman called Mackenzie Murphy, who finds herself in the middle of a centuries old war.

I was eager to write about demons because there are so many different kinds, with different abilities. If you write about vampires, you are hindered by the rules of vampires, but with demons, I could create whole worlds around them. As I write urban fantasy, they live in modern day LA, and appear human to everyone around them. Mackenzie’s absentee father was a full demon, with the ability to control other demons with his voice. Mackenzie receives a watered-down version of his power.

Of course, demons immediately conjure up evil and malice. While it is true, my demons can be vicious, there are characters like Mackenzie who walk the line between good and evil.  I think it reflects more on real people, as we are all a mix of both and it is interesting to see the pull between nature and nurture.

Weirdly, the word demon originally meant a forceful or skilled performer of a specified activity. It was only later that it was used to describe an evil being.

With demons becoming more popular, especially with TV shows like Supernatural, there is still plenty to write about. I plan to expand my Daemon Persuasion series by adding a fourth book later this year.