Happy New Year! Want to win some stuff? (Dumb question, of course you do) You should play my newest Street Team Competition!

First, join my Street Team Facebook Group!

Second, take a peek at my social media (your Twitters, Instagrams, Facebook). For every comment and retweet, you’ll get a point. Sharing original stuff, like a post or photo? 5 points. Host me on your blog or post a review? A whopping 10 points! See the full breakdown on the image at the bottom of the post.

Why focus on the commenting? The more comments and shares, the more the Facebook/Instagram/Twitter algorithm likes my content, and the more people will see it!

These points will earn you great prizes (which accumulate). Because Jack and Cam went to the prestigious Academy for Demon Management in Denver, I thought it would be fun to name the levels after that!

Freshman: 1-24 points

You’ll get one really amazing #DemonSpring bookmark! You just have to get one point to earn this. You can do that, right?

Sophomore: 25-49 points

A one of a kind #DemonSpring is coming bracelet! Remind yourself to be vigilant year-round with this great black rubber bracelet.

Junior: 50-74 points

Oh, I’m so excited about this: BUTTONS! In the book, Cam’s family has passed these symbols down for generations. And now you can get your very own set! Wear them to ward off demonic lures.

Senior: 75-99 points

Your very own ICDM Tote! This cotton blend bag is a great way to carry around your Demon Spring trilogy hardcovers (right?).

Field Agent: 100+ Points

You’ve made it! Now it’s time to get your credentials: Your very own ICDM US Division Badge (with your very own photo, if you choose), and the best part: A special edition SGR-P Lanyard!


Reporting your Points

So you’ve shared, tweeted, and commented, right? Now it’s time to report them! First, tell Sush you want to play, either by commenting in here on on the FB group. Then, use this Google Docs form to add in your points daily. I’ll be posting reminders in the Facebook group, so make sure you join to stay up on all the fun!