In my forthcoming Urban Fantasy, Demon Spring, the characters are worried that the King of the Underworld will make an appearance. Although “they say that every four years,” there’s reason to be worried if it’s true. Bael is the original athtar demon, or a demon who can manipulate time and space. And how does one defend themselves against that?

A: You don’t

Bael in History

The history books describe Bael as excessively proud, handsome, and charming. He’s a human-looking man who first reappeared in present-day Syria around 3,000 B.C.. He last appeared in Charleston in 1886, although there’s very little rhyme or reason to his appearances. When he did appear during a Demon Spring, it would be thousands of times worse. Both demon and humans alike would be killed, including, usually the local demon lord. Other than the carnage, very little is known about the original demon.

What is known, through conversations with local demons and demon lords, is that the kappas, elokos, and lilins have all sworn fealty to him. That means whatever he says, goes. And unlucky for humans, he cares very little for human life.

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Demon hunter Jack Grenard’s life changed three years ago when his wife was brutally murdered by the very demons he’d been hunting. At the urging of his partner Cam Macarro, he’s starting a new life in Atlanta, hoping he’ll find the man he used to be. But on a routine hunt, they come across a new type of demon–one that saves instead of kills.

Meanwhile, demons across Atlanta are preparing for the quadrennial uprising of their Underworld brethren. Worse yet, there’s a rumor the so-called king of the demons, Bael, will appear for the first time in over a century. Jack and Cam must uncover the truth about the mystery woman before all hell–literally–breaks loose.

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