In my urban fantasy trilogy, there are five kinds of demons – lilins, kappas, elokos, noxes, and athtars. Per the demonic myths, there are five so-called “original” demons, called belus, who were banished by God to the Underworld. The belu eloko, Biloko, was taken from the present-day Democratic Republic of Congo around 3,000 B.C., and that’s where he reappeared in 400 A.D.

Slight spoilers for Book 1 and 2

Biloko in the Underworld

In the initial few centuries, the belus kept to themselves in giant lands made to look like their homelands. As they sat in their own demonic magic, they became more powerful–and more disfigured. Biloko grew shorter, and his hair turned into grass. His magic, which uses a bell-like sound to hypnotize, became more powerful.

Eventually, Bael got lonely and started wandering around the different lands. His magic had turned him even more narcissistic, and he wanted everyone to love him. But Biloko had already made friends with Xo and Mot, the only couple that had been banished. And they wanted nothing to do with Bael. Thus Bael wanted nothing to do with Biloko.

Biloko Switches Sides

In 1500 B.C., Bael created the first schism back into the human world and returned with a thirteen year old girl. (Why? He was jealous of Xo and Mot). Eventually, Bael went back, and this time came with a hundred humans. His goal: Divvy them up among the most loyal belus. Therefore, Mizuchi and Freyja got fifty each. This continued for a few centuries, until Biloko began to realize what he was missing out on.

Around 600 B.C., Bael graciously allowed Mizuchi to return to his homeland in Japan. Then, in 200 B.C., Freyja was allowed to return to present-day Germany, close to the Denmark border. By this time, Biloko had successfully cut ties with the noxes completely, and had been pressuring Bael to let him go back to his homeland. But Bael, who never forgets anything, finally let Biloko go back to his homeland… in 400 A.D. But instead of sending him to a populated area with lots of potential new spawn, he sent him to a large plain.

Biloko and the Talismans

In the second book, Cam learns that the villagers near where Biloko had emerged had been given a set of symbols to ward against demonic magic. Therefore, he only came back with fifty humans that first trip (the others had been transforming in the thousands). Eventually, Bael let him go somewhere more populated.

Currently, Bael remains the most loyal to Bael (perhaps because he’s seen the other side). They maintain a good working relationship, and Biloko gets to visit the human realm often.

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