Howdy everybody! With The City of Veils arriving next month, I thought it might be fun to write a little bit about some of the main characters in the book. Last week, I talked about Brynna, so today, I thought I’d put the character spotlight on one, Felix Llobrega.

About the Captain

A portrait of Captain Llobrega by Diana Pinguicha!

In the free short story The Runaway Princess, we very briefly meet Felix Lloebrega. He’s got the unwelcome task of informing the family of the man Brynna killed in the forest, and Brynna’s there to watch it all. Three years later, Felix gets a shiny promotion, but things aren’t going well. He loses his king then his prince in the span of three weeks, and when he goes to find the next in line, she’s been beating up bad guys in the streets for three years and has absolutely no interest in taking the throne.

Felix is one of those cinnamon bun characters that you can’t help but fall in love with. He’s fiercely loyal to Forcadel, and recognizes that same loyalty in Brynna. After all, as he says,

“If I had to pick a queen, I’d like someone who’s been sacrificing herself for her people. Even if it has been as a masked vigilante.”

A Sush Romance For the Ages

Y’all know I love my squishy loyal men and the headstrong women they run after, right? Felix and Brynna belong in the Sush Couple Hall of fame with Sage and Lyssa and Theo and Galian. Their relationship has all the things I love about it. Begrudging respect, playful teasing, and the all-important making-each-other-better. Plus a slow-burn with twists and turns that leaves you begging for more.

And who doesn’t love that?