The Nebula ballots are open for nominations, and as The City of Veils was awarded the Florida Author Project YA Book of the Year, I’m gonna shoot my shot.

Of course, the biggest highlight of the year was said book. I’m happy to send a review copy for any interested Nebula voter or member of SFWA.

Award Consideration: Middle Grade or Young Adult Science Fiction or Fantasy¬†The City of Veils is a YA Fantasy novel about a teenaged vigilante suddenly thrust into a world of royal politics. After escaping an arranged marriage at fifteen, Brynna donned a mask and became The Veil, a Batman-esque doer-of-good who helped the poorest in her rich city from crime bosses and slum lords. But one night, she’s captured by the King’s Guards and told a shocker: Her father and brother (the king and prince respectively) have been assassinated. And she’s on the hot seat to become queen.

It’s been a real joy to write this series. Brynna is at once smart, capable, and self-saving, but she also clearly has a lot to learn.

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