About Brynna – Meet the Characters

Howdy everybody! With The City of Veils coming out next month, I thought it might be fun to introduce some of the characters. Today, Princess Brynna-Larissa Archer Rhodes Lonsdale is on the hot seat. Keep reading to find out why this newest Sush heroine fits right in with the […]

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Allies, Enemies, and In-Between – Political World Building in Fantasy Novels

Recent years not withstanding, I adore politics. The ancient art of compromise, negotiation, and while no one gets what they want always, at least there’s a solution that everyone can live with. Therefore, it’s probably no surprise that all my fantasy novels are heavy into the political world building. In […]

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Things I’ve Learned As an Author

I’m coming up on my fifth year as a published author. Although it seems like yesterday I began this crazy journey, I know that I’ve grown creatively and professionally. I thought I’d take a blog post to write about all the things I’ve learned as an author. If you have […]

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When It Just Happens: Write A Book in a Month

In general, I’m not a person who can just write a book in a month. It usually takes me upwards of 3 months to have a book ready for beta readers. However, last April, I experienced a magnificent unicorn-like moment: I wrote 76,000 words in 30 days.

How’d I do it? […]

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Preorder Alert: The City of Veils

Y’all!┬áThe City of Veils is now available for preorder across ALL stores! This is the first book in my epic new young adult fantasy series about a princess vigilante, and trust me when I say, you DEFINITELY want to be one of the first folks to get your hands on […]

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The Blog Lives: Good News, Bad News, and News In-Between

Hey y’all, it’s been a while! I’ve been too busy depositing words into actual books to stop and put words into this blog. My B.

Anywho, I thought it was high time that I share with you guys some decisions I’ve made for 2019. Some will make you cheer, some will […]

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City of Veils Cover Reveal!

I am so, so, SO excited to share the City of Veils Cover Reveal with you guys. This is a book I’ve been dreaming about since 2015. I was so ready to write it, I banged out 75,000 words in a month. And now, I get to show you the […]

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Redemption (Demon Spring #3) is Released

Happy, happy book birthday to Redemption, the final book in the Demon Spring trilogy! It seems like just yesterday when I started this trilogy. Now Jack, Cam, and Anya’s story comes to an end. I hope y’all love it as much as I do.

Get all the buy links and information […]

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About Lotan

For my last meet the characters blog post, I really saved the best for last. Lotan started out as a passing mention in the first Demon Spring book, then turned into a fully-fledged, flawed, handsome love interest new character in the last book. Today, I’m so thrilled to tell you […]

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Writing Three Books Post-Mortem: Changing Names, Adding Scenes

Last year, I had a hell of a fun time writing all three books in the Demon Spring trilogy. It was an interesting premise for me: Write all three books before the first one was even published. Even this blog post, going live in July 2018, was written way back […]

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