The Belu Lilin: Freyja

In my urban fantasy trilogy, “belu” is the ancient word for “original demon.” So the belu lilin, Freyja, was the very first lilin ever created. To celebrate the last book in the trilogy coming out, I thought I’d write a little more about each belu’s origins.

Freyja, the Myth

Freyja comes from […]

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Revival (Demon Spring #2) Is Released!

Happy, happy book birthday to the second Demon Spring book! Y’all, I’m so excited to share Revival with you, and for you to fall deeper in love with Jack, Cam, and Anya. This book has it all: Mystery, a bit of Romance, and long rides through the swamps of New […]

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Cam and the Realization

It was pretty clear to me when writing the first Demon Spring book that Cam would be the stand-out character. She’s got threads of Lizbeth Carter from Razia–the long-suffering best friend who pushes the protagonist to be more than he/she is. But as I got into writing the second Demon […]

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Writing Romance After Loss

The Demon Spring trilogy has a few different themes that I had fun playing with. There’s Anya’s abuse-victim-breaking-free storyline. Cam’s push to get her best friend to become more than he is. And Jack’s slow reclamation of the new man he is after his wife’s death. For he and Anya, […]

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Anya’s Motivations: Why She Stayed

When writing a book, I like to take real situations and give them a fantasy twist to explore them. For example, in Empath I used a giant fire-breathing dragon to dive deep into anxiety and mental health. In my new urban fantasy trilogy, Demon Spring, I wanted to write a […]

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Writing Timelines and Outputs

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about time management. Namely, am I spending time and energy on the things that are bringing me money. As a freelancer, this question is vitally important, because if I don’t spend my time on the things that make me money, I will have no […]

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Resurgence (Demon Spring, #1) is Released!

Happy, happy book birthday to my beautiful baby, Resurgence! The first book in the Demon Spring trilogy is on sale TO-DAY! And…the second book is now available for preorder! Get all the demon-y goodness exclusively for Kindle Unlimited, and also in paperback and hardcover!

Book 1 – Resurgence, Available Now


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About the Character – Bael, King of the Underworld

In my forthcoming Urban Fantasy, Demon Spring, the characters are worried that the King of the Underworld will make an appearance. Although “they say that every four years,” there’s reason to be worried if it’s true. Bael is the original athtar demon, or a demon who can manipulate time […]

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Guest Post with Suzanna Linton

Today, friend of the blog, Suzanna Linton is here to talk about stepping away!

The Importance of Stepping Away

When I was growing up, my mother coated our Christmas trees with tinsel. This is not an exaggeration. Streams of silver drowned the blinking lights and glittering ornaments. Months after consigning […]

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Demonology – Athtar

In my new urban fantasy trilogy, Demon Spring, I have five very different kinds of demons. Each of them, I wanted to represent an ancient people from around the world. For Bael, the king of the underworld, I wanted to give him truly terrifying powers. And what could be more […]

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