The Harvest Festival is the most anticipated event in the quaint village of Pigsend, and Bev and the Weary Dragon Inn are ready to welcome visitors from near and far. But when strange occurrences begin happening, including the destruction of Bev's beloved herb garden, Bev's got to put her sleuthing hat back on to uncover the truth.

There's no shortage of suspects, from the snooty official judge all the way from the Queen's Capital to a mischievous little dog who might be more than he seems. But if Bev doesn't figure it out soon, then this year's Harvest Festival may be Pigsend's last.

The highly-anticipated sequel to Drinks and Sinkholes, Fiends and Festivals is the second book in the Weary Dragon Inn series, a cozy fantasy adventure from two-time award-winning author S. Usher Evans.

Publisher: Sun's Golden Ray Publishing