They survived The Island, but can they cross The Chasm?

Four months after Prince Galian was discovered alive on a remote island, he's adjusting slowly to life at the hospital under the Kylaen media's glare. His promises to Theo remain unfulfilled as fear of his father keeps him from taking concrete action. And the more he learns about the machinations in Kylae, the less sure he is that it's possible to make a difference.

Across the great Madion Sea, Major Theo Kallistrate struggles to navigate the tricky political waters of Rave's presidential staff. To make positive change for her people, she must remain relevant and interesting to the Raven media and to the president. When he asks her to deliver a speech on her supposed two-month imprisonment at Mael, she's not sure she can stomach the lies.

The Chasm is S. Usher Evans' breathtaking, fast-paced follow-up to The Island, which readers say is "not to be missed."



Publisher: Sun's Golden Ray Publishing
Reviews:Emma on Little Book Wyrm wrote:

I absolutely loved The Island, so when I got a chance to read an ARC of book 2 I didn’t pass it up. While I did not love The Chasm as much as I loved the first novel, it was still an awesome read.

I loved that the S. Usher Evans was able to continue the development of her characters throughout this second novel. Both Prince Galian and Theo’s characters continue to fight for what they believe in while also fighting to be with each other. I felt more connected to the secondary characters in this novel than I did in the first novel. I loved getting to see all of the characters that Galian interacts with.