The Razia Short Story collection features five short stories about some of the most loved characters--Sage Teon, Lizbeth Carter, John Harms, and Vel Peate--PLUS two epilogue short stories on life after Fusion.

Sage Teon and the Fake Diamond Heist - Sage has a problem. He's got to break through an impenetrable security system to retrieve some fake diamonds, while at the same time keeping his crew from tearing each other apart.

Sage Teon and the "L" word - See the events from Double Life from Sage's perspective.

Lizbeth Carter has a Hunch - Lizbeth Carter is suffocating under the pressures of her boring government job. But when her gut tells her to look into a string of mysterious acts, she finds herself face to face with a bounty hunter.

A Day in the Life of John Harms - Join John Harms, pirate informant, on a regular day buying and selling information about piracy's most wanted.

Vel Peate and the Planetary Survival Course - Vel's preparing for three months alone on a planet. Good thing he's got a lot of older siblings to learn from.

Lyssa and Sage and the First Few Weeks - Life's hard with a newborn, and even harder when there's unresolved relationship issues.

Lyssa and Sage and the Curious Question - Set four years after the end of Fusion, Lyssa's fielding uncomfortable questions from her daughter about her and Sage's relationship.

Publisher: Sun's Golden Ray Publishing