Love Letter

By |2017-03-01T08:53:56-06:00March 1st, 2017|Quarter Life Crisis|

In March 2014, I wrote a love letter to myself, right in the midst of my quarter life crisis. When things get a little too crazy in my head, I type out conversations between Whit (me) and Suni (the author). It helps to calm my anxiety and figure out what […]

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The Union is Released!

By |2020-01-08T15:08:49-06:00February 14th, 2017|Rambles|

The Union is released! The final book in the Madion War Trilogy ups the ante, the romance, and maybe even the deaths..

The Union, the final book in the Madion War Trilogy, is now available for preorder.

 Fifty years of war […]

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Announcing new Sush Street Team Competition!

By |2020-01-08T15:08:54-06:00January 9th, 2017|Rambles|

It’s that time again! To celebrate the release of the final book in the Madion War Trilogy, I’m running a little friendly competition! This time, we’re pitting #TeamPrinceling against #TeamTheo!

What’s the game?

Two teams will compete with each other, earning points by sharing, tweeting, posting, and participating in the two readalongs! […]

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#TheThanksUGive – When It’s Hard to be Grateful

By |2017-03-22T08:35:29-05:00November 22nd, 2016|Life and Love|

Thanks to Mishma and Hazel for this wonderful tag. #TheThanksUGive is all about authors and bloggers finding things to be thankful for this year.


When My Cup is Empty

By |2017-03-20T10:55:23-05:00July 18th, 2016|Rambles|

Recently, I’ve been feeling pretty shitty. I’m sure part of it is the Anghenfil, that damned anxiety dragon that likes to point out all my failures. But part of it is the reality of the situation. I’m two years in, I’ve published 7 full-length books, and they’re not really selling […]

The Chasm is Released!

By |2020-01-08T15:09:00-06:00July 12th, 2016|Rambles|

Book birthdays are the best kind of birthdays!! The Chasm is released, and I’m so excited to share the second book in the Madion War Trilogy with you guys. Things get much trickier for our two star-crossed lovers, and they realize that stopping a fifty-year war is a lot harder than […]

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The Chasm Cover Reveal + Preorder + Giveaway!

By |2020-01-08T15:10:05-06:00April 27th, 2016|Rambles|

It seems like just yesterday, we were talking about The Island. Oh wait, we were. Check out all the info, including the gorgeous cover, for Book 2, The Chasm! […]

The Island Release + Giveaway

By |2020-01-08T15:10:30-06:00April 26th, 2016|Rambles|

The Island Release day is here! If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t yet seen all the info about it, it’s after the tag, as well as the buy links and such. And in case you missed it last night on #QwSush, The Chasm is now available for preorder! […]

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The Library Project Post – Noisy Nora

By |2017-03-15T10:04:53-05:00April 11th, 2016|Rambles|

When the lovely Camilla asked us to help her out with a fantastic cause bringing books to poor kids in China and Vietnam, The Library Post Project, I was like, “HELL YES!” You can read more about The Library Project after the break!


Announcing The Island Release Month Competi-vaganza!

By |2020-01-08T15:10:46-06:00March 11th, 2016|Rambles|

SO who’s excited about The Island Release?

*me! me! me!*

Starting on March 28th, I’m running a little competition so that we can spread the excitement. Basically, I have a list of things that you can do to help spread the word about The Island. Each action, like posting a photo to Instagram […]

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