After the Spring comes the Fall

Six months after the death of Bael, the world is adjusting to the new reality. Jack Grenard, now retired from ICDM, continues his vigilante demon hunting career, while the former demon Anya struggles to keep her head above water after her entire world turned upside-down. Their romance has all but died in the aftermath of Bael’s abuse and lies, and Jack wonders if it’s time to let it go.

Across the Pacific, Cam Macarro is finally living her dream as a deputy director in Shanghai, but regular visits from her secret boyfriend Lotan tempt her away from responsibilities. The prince of the nox demons has has some funny ideas lately, namely wanting to use the mysterious Nullius to turn himself into a human—for Cam. But when the noxes stage a coup and Lotan is kidnapped, Jack, Anya, and Cam must work together to get him back. Without Bael to keep demons and humans in harmony, getting Lotan back might be easier said than done. 

Full of twists and turns, Reawakening is sure to keep readers guessing until the very end—and desperate for the next book. Arriving in 2021 from Sun’s Golden Ray Publishing.

Get a first look at Reawakening, a brand-new follow on series to Demon Spring. Arriving in 2021.

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