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From bestselling author S. Usher Evans comes the Demon Spring trilogy, a brilliant urban fantasy series about a demon hunter struggling to reclaim the man he once was and the demon who might just save him. Fans of Jim Butcher and Kim Harrison will enjoy this unique take on overcoming demons – both real and imagined. And releasing in 2021, a follow-on series, Demon Fall, that takes readers back into the world of monsters and mayhem. 

Demons are real – and walk amongst us every day. At the International Coalition for Demon Management, agent Jack Grenard knows this better than most. The scion of a demon hunting family, his career was on an upward trajectory until demons brutally murdered his wife. Three years later, he’s restarting his life in Atlanta with his partner Cam, dealing with low-level demonic lords and keeping the peace. But looming in the distance is Demon Spring, the breaking of the barrier between our world and the demonic one that occurs every four years. No one knows when or where it will occur exactly, but the unlucky city will be ravaged for a fortnight by monsters and mayhem.

Jack has it on good authority that the schism will occur far from Atlanta-that is, until he comes across a human-saving demon who seems to be keeping a secret. She’s enigmatic and dangerous, but Jack is inexplicably drawn to her. But as the days tick closer to Demon Spring, Jack wonders if she’s simply a distraction or something much more deadly.

Get swept away in an intricate world of monsters and mayhem that RT Reviews calls, “a brilliant start to a promising urban fantasy series.” 

Content warnings for adult situations, violence, domestic abuse, and depression/suicide.

Praise for the Demon Spring Series

★★★★★ “As good or better than most of the urban fantasy you’ll find on [the bestseller lists]” – Robyn Bennis, author of The Guns Above

★★★★★ “Perfect blend between urban fantasy and real life struggles.” – Chelsea Coates, Goodreads Reviewer

★★★★★ “The personal and professional drama of the main character drew one in and set the reader up for fascinating read with an explosive ending.” – Kristin W., Goodreads Reviewer

★★★★★ “It is very easy to get sucked into the Demon Spring world and I can’t wait to crack open the second in the series.” – Katrina M., Goodreads Reviewer

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Demon Fall Trilogy

The continuation of the Demon Spring story in a new adventure featuring Jack, Cam, Anya, and Lotan.

Demon Spring Blog Posts

About Lotan

For my last meet the characters blog post, I really saved the best for last. Lotan started out as a passing mention in the first Demon Spring book, then turned into a fully-fledged, flawed, handsome love interest new character in the last book. Today, I'm so thrilled to tell you more about [...]

Writing Three Books Post-Mortem: Changing Names, Adding Scenes

Last year, I had a hell of a fun time writing all three books in the Demon Spring trilogy. It was an interesting premise for me: Write all three books before the first one was even published. Even this blog post, going live in July 2018, was written way back in September [...]

Origins of Demons: Digging Deep in Worldbuilding

In the first two books of the Demon Spring trilogy, we spend a lot of time in the human world. The presence of demons is mentioned, but the how and the why aren’t really detailed. In the final book, I really got a chance to go deeper into demon mythology and the [...]

The Belu Athtar – Bael

With the upcoming release of the final book in #DemonSpring, I thought I'd revisit Bael, the original athtar. I wrote about him very briefly before the first book came out. But now that we've seen more of him, I really wanted to dive deep into the belu athtar and his character. Spoilers [...]

Femme Fatales – Writing a Female Friendships

As the plot for Demon Spring was coming together, the third book became very clearly a story featuring two ornery women on a common goal. Having done something similar for Alliances, the second Razia book, I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into writing another book about female friendships. And let me [...]

The Belu Kappa – Mizuchi

In my urban fantasy trilogy, I had a lot of fun coming up with the different mythologies of each demon species. For the kappas, a nod to my love of all things Japan, I had a lot of lore to play with. But the belu kappa, Mizuchi, became a much stronger character [...]

The Belu Eloko – Biloko

In my urban fantasy trilogy, there are five kinds of demons - lilins, kappas, elokos, noxes, and athtars. Per the demonic myths, there are five so-called "original" demons, called belus, who were banished by God to the Underworld. The belu eloko, Biloko, was taken from the present-day Democratic Republic of Congo around [...]

The Belu Lilin: Freyja

In my urban fantasy trilogy, "belu" is the ancient word for "original demon." So the belu lilin, Freyja, was the very first lilin ever created. To celebrate the last book in the trilogy coming out, I thought I'd write a little more about each belu's origins. Freyja, the Myth Freyja comes from [...]

Revival (Demon Spring #2) Is Released!

Happy, happy book birthday to the second Demon Spring book! Y’all, I’m so excited to share Revival with you, and for you to fall deeper in love with Jack, Cam, and Anya. This book has it all: Mystery, a bit of Romance, and long rides through the swamps of New Orleans getting [...]

Cam and the Realization

It was pretty clear to me when writing the first Demon Spring book that Cam would be the stand-out character. She's got threads of Lizbeth Carter from Razia--the long-suffering best friend who pushes the protagonist to be more than he/she is. But as I got into writing the second Demon Spring book, [...]

Writing Romance After Loss

The Demon Spring trilogy has a few different themes that I had fun playing with. There’s Anya’s abuse-victim-breaking-free storyline. Cam’s push to get her best friend to become more than he is. And Jack’s slow reclamation of the new man he is after his wife’s death. For he and Anya, their romance [...]

Anya’s Motivations: Why She Stayed

When writing a book, I like to take real situations and give them a fantasy twist to explore them. For example, in Empath I used a giant fire-breathing dragon to dive deep into anxiety and mental health. In my new urban fantasy trilogy, Demon Spring, I wanted to write a story about [...]

Resurgence (Demon Spring, #1) is Released!

Happy, happy book birthday to my beautiful baby, Resurgence! The first book in the Demon Spring trilogy is on sale TO-DAY! And...the second book is now available for preorder! Get all the demon-y goodness exclusively for Kindle Unlimited, and also in paperback and hardcover! Book 1 - Resurgence, Available Now [...]

About the Character – Bael, King of the Underworld

In my forthcoming Urban Fantasy, Demon Spring, the characters are worried that the King of the Underworld will make an appearance. Although "they say that every four years," there's reason to be worried if it's true. Bael is the original athtar demon, or a demon who can manipulate time and space. And [...]

Demonology – Athtar

In my new urban fantasy trilogy, Demon Spring, I have five very different kinds of demons. Each of them, I wanted to represent an ancient people from around the world. For Bael, the king of the underworld, I wanted to give him truly terrifying powers. And what could be more terrifying than [...]

How to Market A Book: When It Just Writes Itself

One of my favorite parts of being a self-published author is that I get to control my own marketing. Yes, that kind of makes me a unicorn, but whatevs. Once the book is written, I start channeling my creative energy toward all the accoutrements. Bookmarks, swag, t-shirts. Anything and everything that can [...]

About the Characters: The Division

In Demon Spring, The International Coalition for Demon Management (or ICDM) is the governmental body in charge of human-demon interactions. As a former government consultant, I always delight in writing woefully bureaucratic organizations that are full of acronyms and make little sense (see Razia). Because it's such a large part of Jack [...]

Demonology – Nox

When developing the demonology for my urban fantasy trilogy, Demon Spring, I really wanted to take a global approach. I didn't want to use the same ol' creatures from European mythology. However, I also didn't want to appropriate currently practiced culture or accidentally use something revered by a culture. Cam is a [...]

Writing Male-Female Friendships

My favorite part of the first Demon Spring book has to be the friendship between Cam and Jack. In my mind, I always see them as an adult Harry and Hermione. Two friends who've been through the ringer together, and basically share a brain. Writing male-female friendships is so much fun--and such [...]

About the Character: La Colibrí

The main curiosity in my forthcoming urban fantasy trilogy Demon Spring is the mysterious woman who shows up to save Cam and Jack when they get in over their head. She says little, kills a lot, then high-tails it out of there before they can get a name. So Cam gives her [...]

Demonology – Eloko

In my forthcoming urban fantasy trilogy, I wanted to create a global demonic system, using myths and legends from around the world. The eloko demon, the grassy-haired gnomes, were a legend from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and seemed to be a perfect fit for the Demon Spring world. For Whom the [...]

Writing 3 Books At Once

Way back in March 2017, I was faced with a choice. I'd just finished the first Demon Spring book and it was off to my beta readers. I had to decide if I was going to go forward with that or return to the Lexie Carrigan Chronicles. Having gone back and forth with [...]

About the Characters: Cam Macarro

It's not often that I develop a massive crush on a side character. But that's exactly the kind of person Cam Macarro is. She's my feisty, bossy, Hermione-inspired, brilliant Division agent. As Jack's partner, she pulled him down to Atlanta to snap him out of his funk. And as his best friend, [...]

Demonology – Kappa

Growing up, I was a HUGE anime fan. One of my favs was Inuyasha; basically a story about a modern girl sent to feudal Japan who has to battle monsters. Beyond the will-they, won't-they romance, my favorite part of Inuyasha were the population of monsters and demons. Almost every episode featured a [...]

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