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The Madion War Trilogy is a fantasy romance set in a WWII-esque world torn apart by war. The country of Kylae, ruled by King Grieg, has been fighting to reclaim their lost colony of Rave ever since the island nation declared independence fifty years before. Rave struggles to keep the larger country at bay, and has begun conscripting children as young as twelve into the military.

Our story begins when a battle-hardened pilot from Rave and the third son of Grieg crash on an island after an air skirmish goes wrong. She’s injured and he’s completely out of his element, so they must work together to survive.

Buy all three books in eBook, paperback, and hardcover today. Also available in an eBook Box Set, featuring an epilogue novella, The Prince and the Heiress.

Books in the Madion War Trilogy

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