Welcome, New Readers to the Worlds of S. Usher Evans! I’m so glad you’re here, and interested in learning more about my books and what I write.

When I do events and shows, I always ask my prospective readers the same thing, what do you like to read? By showing up here, I assume you like Science Fiction and Fantasy, so that’s good. (If not… perhaps you should try it!)

The next question is…

Do you like a little more young adult traditional fantasy with a badass princess vigilante (think princess Batman)? Also, hey this one won the 2019 Florida Author Project YA Book of the Year, which is pretty cool.

Do you like a little sci-fi, bounty hunter, quarter-life-crisis-esque sort of book?

Do you like a little gritty, widower-recovering-from-death-of-his-wife, adult-friendships-with-no-sexual-tension, urban fantasy (think the TV show Supernatural)

Do you like a little anxiety dragon?

Do you like a little more romance-y, Romeo-and-Juliet-stuck-on-an-island, political war-ish fantasy?

Do you like a little more young adult contemporary fantasy, like Sabrina the Teenage Witch (the 90’s version)?

It’s okay to like ’em all, of course, but they do span the gamut of fantasy worlds. But that’s how I roll, yo.

What do you have that’s free?

I see you, freebie seeker. You’re okay in my book. If you’re looking to score some free reads, make sure to sign up for my monthly newsletter. You’ll get a copy of The Runaway Princess¬†which is the awesome prequel novella to The City of Veils. Not to mention you’ll get a monthly digest of all the schtuff I’m up to. (Not a newsletter person? My social media links are below, too)

I hope you’ll stick around a while and say hey!