What’s New ~ November 2019

Happy NaNo month, kids! For my project, I’m sprinting to the finish look drafting the final book in the Princess Vigilante series, The Queen of Veils, due out March 31, 2020. Because life isn’t fair, I’ll probably wrap up the book around the middle of November, so to close out the month, I’ll turn around and start revising. It isn’t exactly within the NaNo rules, but it satisfies my need to participate while also keeping me on schedule!

It’s been a fun ride with Brynna and crew, and I’ve certainly had my fill of roof running and trying to figure out to get Brynna of the sticky wickets I put her in. I’m still thinking of potential spin-offs, but will probably pivot back to Demon Spring for the remainder of next year, after I get back from my honeymoon. ❤️

Latest Release

The Veil of Trust

The third book in the Princess Vigilante series is now available! Brynna has passed an important test, but the long road to reclaiming her kingdom is still fraught with dangers. Bolstered by her growing army of loyal soldiers, as well as friends new and old, she takes strides to free her people from the tyrannical hold of Ilara. But alliances are fragile, and old foes bring new challenges to the would-be queen. And Brynna learns that trust is harder to come by than she first thought.

Available everywhere books are sold.

Events and Signings

After a crazy couple of years, I’ve finally decided to hang up my banners and kick my feet up. I’m currently not invited nor scheduled to attend any comicons – not even Pensacon! It’s been a nice couple of months to recoup and reset my life a little (as well as get engaged and plan a wedding). I’m eyeing perhaps one or two local events at the Bodacious Bookstore in the next couple of months, but nothing solid yet.

As always, the SGR-Pub shop is always open for signed books, if you need to add to your collection.

Other Book News

Cover Refresh – Empath

Since I’m probably going to be on my honeymoon during the 5 year anniversary of Empath, I thought I’d go ahead and refresh the cover now! If you haven’t gotten caught up on this book yet, this is truly the book of my heart. When I wrote it, I was in a spot I never thought I’d get out of, nor did I ever truly believe that I’d end up where I am now. But it just goes to show that when you open your chest and rip out your heart, sometimes you find exactly the person you’ve always been.

Available wherever books are sold.

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