The S. Usher Evans Street Team, the Sushis, are always looking to add to their ranks. Whether you’re a longtime fan, or just interested in reading and reviewing, we accept all sorts of folks on the team. Keep reading to find out more about The Sushis and how you can join.

Why a Street Team?

Because I’m an indie author, I don’t have a marketing team and the weight of the Big Publisher behind me. And while I do a fair amount of work to get myself out there, having my message amplified by others is a lot more meaningful. That’s where a street team comes in.

The street team helps by┬áreading my books, leaving reviews, and sharing said reviews with their social media followers – especially on release day/week. There are tons of ways to help out, blogging, taking pretty photos on Instagram, hosting readalongs and buddy reads, or just mentioning my books when someone’s looking for a recommendation.

In return, you guys get early access to covers, snippets, teasers, and the like. I’ll also source my group for feedback on covers, blurbs, and snippets. And most importantly, my street team gets free, early copies of all my new releases (and some older releases!)

How Do I Join?

Simple! Just sign up via the Google Forms below. If you haven’t read anything by me yet, it’s all good. Just let me know where you’ve left reviews for other books. You’ll be added to the list of whichever series I am currently promoting, and will receive a complimentary eARC of the first book.