Five Full-Length Series Starters for $0.99!

From award-winning author S. Usher Evans comes a limited-edition, five-book box set that includes the first full-length book in five of her bestselling YA/NA fantasy and science fiction series. From the streets of Forcadel to the farthest reaches of the universe, these five stories will sweep readers away in magic, mystery, politics, and a dash of romance.

Included in this Box Set:

Winner of the 2019 Florida Author Project YA Book of the Year, and a finalist for the 2019 National Indie Author Project award, The City of Veils has delighted and dazzled readers around the world. Eighteen-year-old Brynna has been protecting her city as a masked vigilante for the past three years, until one night she’s captured by the king’s guards. Her father and brother have been murdered, and this runaway princess must put aside her vigilante mission to assume the throne. But not before she takes care of some unfinished business.

On her fifteenth birthday, Lexie Carrigan finds out she’s magical – and that might be the least weird thing about her. Faced with an uncontrollable power that her family doesn’t seem to understand, she jumps at the chance to train with the mysterious Gavon, an older magical who shows up just at the right time. But is his appearance coincidence or is there something more her family isn’t telling her?

When a mysterious voice promises an easy out to all her problems, a heartbroken Lauren Dailey jumps at the chance and wakes up in a fantasy land with the powers of an empath. But now, she has a bigger, dragon-shaped problem: The Anghenfil, a fire-breathing monster, lives in the mountains nearby, and some say he’s got a taste for empaths. And he might just be that mysterious voice, tempting her deeper into her own darkness.

Prince Galian was forced to put aside medical degree to fight in a war he doesn’t believe in. Captain Theo just wants to see her country freed from the oppressive regime across the ocean – and survive the bloody fifty-year war. But when an air skirmish goes wrong, they both end up marooned on a deserted island and must put aside their differences to survive.

Lyssa is living double lives as a planet-discovering scientist and a space pirate bounty hunter. Neither life is going so hot, however. As the pirate, she’s the least wanted person in the universe, and as the scientist, she’s just been saddled with an intern who is definitely spying on her for her slimy boss. But when that intern is mistaken for her hostage by the Universal Police, Lyssa’s life gets a whole lot more complicated.