Demonology – Athtar

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In my new urban fantasy trilogy, Demon Spring, I have five very different kinds of demons. Each of them, I wanted to represent an ancient people from around the world. For Bael, the king of the underworld, I wanted to give him truly terrifying powers. And what could be more […]

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Demonology – Nox

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When developing the demonology for my urban fantasy trilogy, Demon Spring, I really wanted to take a global approach. I didn’t want to use the same ol’ creatures from European mythology. However, I also didn’t want to appropriate currently practiced culture or accidentally use something revered by a culture. Cam […]

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Demonology – Eloko

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In my forthcoming urban fantasy trilogy, I wanted to create a global demonic system, using myths and legends from around the world. The eloko demon, the grassy-haired gnomes, were a legend from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and seemed to be a perfect fit for the Demon Spring world.

For Whom […]

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Demonology – Kappa

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Growing up, I was a HUGE anime fan. One of my favs was Inuyasha; basically a story about a modern girl sent to feudal Japan who has to battle monsters. Beyond the will-they, won’t-they romance, my favorite part of Inuyasha were the population of monsters and demons. Almost every episode […]

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Demonology – Lilin

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In my new urban fantasy novel, Resurgence, I had a lot of fun coming up with the different kinds of demons. I wanted there to be a set of them, each with different powers and goals. But I think I had the most fun writing about the lilins.

Sex Sells, Baby

Lilin is […]

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