Empath, Passion Projects, and Slaying Your Fears

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Two years ago today, I released a little passion project called Empath. Nicknamed the “anxiety dragon” book, Empath was less about “what’s popular” and more about pouring my loneliness and ache for home into something else so it would leave me. I’d become overwhelmed with my anxiety, which flares […]

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When My Cup is Empty

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Recently, I’ve been feeling pretty shitty. I’m sure part of it is the Anghenfil, that damned anxiety dragon that likes to point out all my failures. But part of it is the reality of the situation. I’m two years in, I’ve published 7 full-length books, and they’re not really selling […]

Updates and Recaps

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Hey y’all. This blog post is coming to you from my parents’ house where I am laid up in bed with a turrible sore throat. Hooray for travel.

Wanted to update everyone on the latest with everything, and provide some general thoughts on how the Empath release went.

Moving Update:

First and foremost, […]

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