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The Sush Insider Special Continues!

Hey gorgeous people! Long time, no talk, huh? Well if you're one of the beautiful folks on my newsletter, or if you follow me on social media, you might've heard something about this Sush Insider Special I'm running. In an nutshell: It's a Kickstarter without the kickstarter. A chance for you to buy copies of Demon Spring early and help me fund the series so I'll be ahead for 2018. You get books early, I get money early. Win-win! Tell Me More You can buy just the first book in paperback and hardcover (eBook preorders coming around Thanksgiving). Or you can buy all three books. There's also a very special Swag Pack featuring buttons, bookmarks, and art by the lovely Ashley from Zeefa Studios: A post shared by Ashley Gonzales (@zeefa) on Sep 10, 2017 at 6:38pm PDT How Do I Buy? Easy! Simply head on over to If you're one of my Street Team (or know one of 'em), you can hit them up for a coupon code to get 15% off. But this deal is only good until the end of the month, and'll have to wait until February for Book 1, May for Book 2, and August for Book 3. So buy now! And click on the covers if you want to learn more about the series:

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The Island Kickstarter Hot Wash

Oh! You guys hate love these! If you're just joining us, a hotwash is what the military does after an exercise. It's where everyone gathers around a table right after an exercise and talks about what went good, what went bad, and what could be improved. Observations Overall, The Island Kickstarter was a smashbang success. I not only met my minimum goal of $400 in the first 90 minutes, but then we went ahead and smashed the first stretch goal of $1,000 and even covered nearly all the expenses sunk into preproduction of the book. To say I was flabbergasted was an understatement. Our total amount raised was $1599 *eye twitches* Beyond that, I was completely surprised to see the number of followers and friends who were 1,000% behind this project. I'd thought that I'd be screaming into the vacuum, but hey, look at that, people kept RTing my blog posts and links. So thanks everyone. The most surprising thing was the sheer number of people who reached out to me and asked me to give them money to promote my kickstarter. That, at least, was not very fun. Why Kickstarter I had a couple of reasons for wanting to run a KS for The Island. First and foremost, while recouping costs was definitely part of it, it wasn't the main reason. As a brand new series, I wanted to start the "pre-release" excitement about four months early. Since I have Fusion releasing in the middle of Feb, I needed something that could be a big burst of excitement, and get books in hands (and, by extension, reviews on blogs and such). I tried doing Preorders with another company with Alliances and that was a big dud. But a Kickstarter seemed to be kind of the best solution for what I wanted to do. Pre-Planning First and foremost, I began planning this Kickstarter about 2 months in advance. I identified all the different rewards that I could presumably give to people. I reached out to Kickstarter Guru and all-around magical unicorn Emily from EmilyReadsEverything and listened to everything she said. I decided to do both eBooks, paperbacks, and hardcovers, and added on Swag Packs with buttons, bookmarks, and maps. I also added a Razia set of books (randomly way more popular than I'd anticipated) and two shoot-for-the-moon rewards, the MS review and the $400 dedicated to your love reward.  I used the Kickstarter feedback tool to get [...]

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About Kylae

The Kingdom of Kylae is a modern, industrious nation. They have a vibrant arts scene, a posh upper class of society and a thriving middle class. Norose, the capital, is the seat of the government and home of the royal family, who grace the covers of the Kylaen gossip magazines all the time. The economy is a mix of forestry, tourism, and raw material processing. And oh yeah, they have this colony they bomb every so often. And there's this death camp that nobody talks about in the north. But about that art scene... One of the things I was interested in as this story unfolded in my brain was to come up with a good reason why good-natured, kind people would sanction the non-stop bombing of a colony for fifty years. What it boils down to is that media and messaging are important to making change happen. If the media doesn't highlight a story, then it doesn't become part of the conversation (that is changing with Social Media in our world to a degree). Just like a huge proportion of America has no tangible connection to the conflicts in the Middle East, Kylaens see the war as an abstraction, something they see on the news that they say, "Oh, poor dears" then move onto their next problem. They can divorce themselves from the story because they can divorce themselves, unlike Theo who is living the war every single day. It's that sort of train of thought that I wove into the book from Galian's perspective. He considers himself to be a good person, after all, he stopped partying and became a doctor to help people. But when he comes face to face with a new narrative, the real, concrete evidence of his father's policies in the form of Theo, he finds that all of his efforts are a little short. (From Theo's perspective) "If you want more food," I managed to spit out, "you'll have to get it yourself." He turned to look at me and his eyebrows went up in confusion. "W-what was that for?" "For killing my people," I spat. "And not caring." "Now hold on a second," he said. "I haven't killed a single person—ever." He paused and gave me an appraising glance. "How many of my people have you shot down, Captain?" "Hundreds," I snarled. "Because you were invading my country." "If Rave would just quit resisting…" "You're [...]

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About Rave

The history of Rave stretches back nearly 200 years before the events of The Island. The Kylaens crossed the Madion Sea and landed on the shores, and, as these things go, decided that they would claim Rave for themselves. At the time, Rave was a loosely governed set of principalities, and the Kylaens didn't do much but just claim them. The Raven leaders agreed to be "annexed" as long as they kept their autonomy and the Kylaens kept out of their business. They sign a treaty establishing Rave's autonomy under a Kylaen flag. Fast forward 150 years, and King Thormond (Galian's great-grandfather) has discovered barethium, a mineral ore, and realized that it allows Kylaens to build bigger, stronger buildings. Unfortunately, it's in the mountains in Kylae, and really difficult to extract. But then the Kylaens find the same ore in caves beneath Rave. Thormond decides, unilaterally, to re-invade their own colony, throwing away the treaty. He instills his own provincial governors and builds giant processing facilities to extract and smelt the ore into a workable state. When Ravens start dropping like flies after working in the mines, they decide enough is enough. They revolt, overthrowing the provincial governors and kicking the Kylaens out of their country. But Thormond isn't ready to give up all that barethium, so he begins a fifty year attempt to bring the Ravens back into the fold that's continued by his son, then his grandson, King Grieg. A Nation in Crisis Like any nation at war, Rave's resources are stretched to the limit to try and keep their country afloat. Kylae has an iron economic grip on the other two Madion nations, Herin and Jervan, so trade is limited. Their technology is stymied to the same level the Kylaens left when they were kicked out of the country. They struggle to keep Kylaens from bombing them every few days, pulling children like Theo into training programs at 12 and sending them to patrol the skies. But, like Theo, Ravens are fiercely patriotic, knowing that if they don't stand and fight Kylae, they'll either be killed anyway or be forced to work in the barethium mines again, and die of cancer. Between the spaces of the war, their culture shows up, especially in their language. "Raven words aren't supposed to mean what they literally mean." I blinked at her in confusion. "I… What?" "It's hard to explain." She [...]

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The Island Kickstarter – All the Deets!

IT’S FINALLY HERE! Happy New Year and WELCOME to Day 1 of the Island Kickstarter Campaign! I’m really REALLY excited (if you can’t tell) about this book and this campaign. Update: And in 90 minutes you buggers hit the minimum funding goal. But hey, we all wanna get some books huh? So keep reading! So why a crowdfunding campaign? This campaign is partially to offset the line editing and cover design costs of The Island, but is really more about getting you a copy of the book WAY before everyone else. And making some swag like buttons and bookmarks and posters and such. If you’re sitting there saying, SIGN ME UP, SUSH! Then head on over to the Kickstarter and get to pledging (then get to sharing…please :)) But if you aren’t all that sure you want to give me your hard earned cash, then keep reading and find out why I’m so deliciously excited about this brand new series.  […]

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