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Conviction Hotwash

By |2017-03-13T10:59:07-05:00November 16th, 2015|Hot Washes|

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, I just don’t know which half” – John Wanamaker

The book business is a funny thing. Some days, I’ll tweet and tweet and I’ll make zero sales. Other times, I’ll be gone from my computer and come back to 10 downloads. Still […]

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Convention-al Wisdom

By |2017-03-07T16:28:25-06:00June 29th, 2015|Business of Indie Publishing Series|

Those of y’all who have been around for a while know that a big part of my marketing strategy is to get out in front of readers by way of attending comic book conventions. I got the song-and-dance, I have the banners, I have the swag. Since September 2014, I’ve […]

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Set an Intention

By |2017-03-27T20:37:45-05:00June 15th, 2015|Business of Indie Publishing Series|

A little over a year ago, in February of 2014, I decided that I was “finally gonna self-publish that book.” If you look back in the annals of my personal Facebook posts, you’ll see I was dorking around with this idea for a number of years. But at the time, […]

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Sun’s Golden Ray Publishing, LLC

By |2017-03-20T11:31:00-05:00August 5th, 2014|Publishing Schtuff|

You guys, I’m starting a publishing company.

Sun’s Golden Ray Publishing, LLC*


There’s a bunch of reasons for it: separating my personal taxes from my business tax, more legitimacy for my books, a new tag line (“Light up your world.”) It will allow me to file all the necessary sales tax paperwork […]

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