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Demon Spring Street Team Competition

Happy New Year! Want to win some stuff? (Dumb question, of course you do) You should play my newest Street Team Competition! First, join my Street Team Facebook Group! Second, take a peek at my social media (your Twitters, Instagrams, Facebook). For every comment and retweet, you'll get a point. Sharing original stuff, like a post or photo? 5 points. Host me on your blog or post a review? A whopping 10 points! See the full breakdown on the image at the bottom of the post. Why focus on the commenting? The more comments and shares, the more the Facebook/Instagram/Twitter algorithm likes my content, and the more people will see it! These points will earn you great prizes (which accumulate). Because Jack and Cam went to the prestigious Academy for Demon Management in Denver, I thought it would be fun to name the levels after that! Freshman: 1-24 points You'll get one really amazing #DemonSpring bookmark! You just have to get one point to earn this. You can do that, right? Sophomore: 25-49 points A one of a kind #DemonSpring is coming bracelet! Remind yourself to be vigilant year-round with this great black rubber bracelet. Junior: 50-74 points Oh, I'm so excited about this: BUTTONS! In the book, Cam's family has passed these symbols down for generations. And now you can get your very own set! Wear them to ward off demonic lures. Senior: 75-99 points Your very own ICDM Tote! This cotton blend bag is a great way to carry around your Demon Spring trilogy hardcovers (right?). Field Agent: 100+ Points You've made it! Now it's time to get your credentials: Your very own ICDM US Division Badge (with your very own photo, if you choose), and the best part: A special edition SGR-P Lanyard!   Reporting your Points So you've shared, tweeted, and commented, right? Now it's time to report them! First, tell Sush you want to play, either by commenting in here on on the FB group. Then, use this Google Docs form to add in your points daily. I'll be posting reminders in the Facebook group, so make sure you join to stay up on all the fun!

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Announcing new Sush Street Team Competition!

It's that time again! To celebrate the release of the final book in the Madion War Trilogy, I'm running a little friendly competition! This time, we're pitting #TeamPrinceling against #TeamTheo! What's the game? Two teams will compete with each other, earning points by sharing, tweeting, posting, and participating in the two readalongs! The more the teams participate, the more points they get! Winning teams will win a Madion Trilogy prize pack. The top 2 point-earners on each team will also win a SPESHUL prize of a Madion Trilogy bag or t-shirt in their team name. How do I pick a team? If you know your team, simply sign up using the form below. If you haven't read The Island yet (more on that later), you can use this handy quiz! Okay, I have my team, what now? Now it's time to earn points! First, sign up here to let us know which team you're with. The best way to keep up with the latest in the competition is to join the S. Usher Evans Street Team. If you're not a FB  user, we'll also have group Twitter DMs lead by our fabulous Team Captains, Emily from Emily Reads Everything (#TeamTheo) and Chelsea from Books for Thought (#TeamPrinceling)! Each week, we'll have a different competition for how you can earn points. This week, you'll want to make sure you're declaring your loyalties for #TeamTheo or #TeamPrinceling via the Google Form. Whichever team has the most sign-ups at the end of the week will be the victor, and that entire team will receive a signed bookmark from Yours Truly. Your team leads will be responsible for tracking your points, and they'll be super awesome cheerleaders, too! How do I participate in the readalong? First, The Island is a free download on all eBook stores and it's also available in paperback and hardcover. Captains Em and Chels will have more information on their blogs and Twitters, so make sure you're following them. The readalong will begin on January 14th and run until Valentine's Day. Anything else? Try not to get too competitive, kids. The fur was flying during last year's competition!

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April Writerly Updates

Boy, for someone who used to post every day, I've sure been slacking lately. In my defense, I've been using the other social medias more but still...bloggity-blog-blog. Oh yeah, and all my finger-keyboard-tapping has been geared toward those books you guys love so much. There's a lot of schtuff going on in Susherland, so I thought I'd break it up by series. Madion Trilogy First and foremost, we have The Island's Release Competiviganza, which is a month-long effort to get everyone all excited about The Island, which comes out in exactly 3 weeks (AH.) You can win points by tweeting or posting a blog or whathaveyou. You can also earn some points by preordering the book itself, and a little birdy told me that if you order via, the publisher gets them in the mail that same day. As part of the competiviganza, I'm hosting another #QwSush, which you guys should definitely attend if you want to get some sneak peeks of some Chasm-related goodies. Speaking of Chasm, it's currently in the hands of my fabulous line-editor, which means that it's two steps away from being a complete book (looking at mid-may for ARCs and such). If you're playing along with the release extravaganza, there might be a giveaway involved tomorrow on Instagram. Which leaves us with The Union. I've started the preliminary plotting activities, aiming to put in as much blood, death, and destruction as possible. It amuses me that I've begun writing Book 3 before Book 1 is even published, but hey, that's publishing. The Razia Series Oh, my bitchy bounty hunter's not been getting any attention. And you know how she hates that. Big news there is that I've early-released Beginnings, the prequel novella, exclusively on It's available for preorder on all the other stores, but if you want to know how Lyssa Peate became Razia the space pirate, as well as see baby!Sage (the only reason for getting Beginnings, really), you can buy it now for the special price of $0.99. I've got all formats available, but, as always, if the file doesn't work on your eReader, hollah. I also just went through and made some minor corrections (and in DL's case, some really big ones #rookiemistakes) in all four books to prepare for the Big Bertha edition, so that's nearly ready (also preorderable on all the eBook stores) The only piece that's missing is the Short [...]

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Announcing The Island Release Month Competi-vaganza!

SO who's excited about The Island Release? *me! me! me!* Starting on March 28th, I'm running a little competition so that we can spread the excitement. Basically, I have a list of things that you can do to help spread the word about The Island. Each action, like posting a photo to Instagram or writing a review of The Island, will earn you points. Preordering any version of the book will obviously grant you more! (Kickstarter backers, I have something special coming your way for Chasm, but feel free to participate anyway!) The persons with the MOST points by April 26th will win the following prizes: 3rd Place: The $10 prize pack, which is either a t-shirt OR a coffee mug from SGR Publishing, plus an ARC of The Chasm 2nd Place: The $20 prize pack, which is your choice of a t-shirt and coffee mug OR a tote bag, plus an ARC of The Chasm 1st Place: The $50 prize pack, which is a t-shirt and coffee mug and tote bag, or your choice of items from my CafePress store, plus an ARC of The Chasm. What do you have to do to earn points? +1 pt : Retweet the pinned post on @susherevans +2 pts: Tweet about #MadionIsland and tag me +5 pts: Post an original photo to Instagram and tag me +10 pts: Add a friend to the S. Usher Evans street team +15 pts: Write a blog post about The Island +20 pts: Write a review of The Island on Goodreads +50 pts: Preorder the eBook of The Island (Email me receipt +100 pts: Preorder the Paperback of The Island (email me receipt) +200 pts: Preorder the Hardcover of The Island And because you know me, and I love to give away things, there will be sneaky little prizes every so often to encourage you to post, including one of four eARCS of The Chasm. I've also got a few Bonus Point Days planned, so your points will count double! Want to play? First, join my Street Team group on Facebook or say what-up on Twitter and I'll add you to the group chat. Then hang out and I'll start the fun on the 28th!

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