*Note: Cover art is conceptual and not final

Have you ever wanted to read a book about what was happening back in The Shire while Frodo was delivering the One Ring to Mordor?

Cozy fantasy is exactly that.

Instead of sweeping, epic battles that span a fictional continent, cozy fantasies are as their name suggests: small towns, small problems, low stakes. Add in a dash of magic and you’ll get the sort of story that feels like a warm cup of tea.

Of Drinks and Sinkholes is about an amnesiac innkeeper named Bev who showed up in the small town of Pigoblet five years ago with no clue who she was or where she came from. But she took a job at the Weary Dragon Inn as a beverage wench (hence the name, yuk yuk) and when the old innkeeper died, he left the place in her name. Now, Bev juggles the management of the rotating patrons of her inn with some curiosities in her town. In Book 1, as the name suggests, sinkholes begin appearing all over town – including right in front of Bev’s front door. Bev puts on her sleuthing hat to figure out what’s causing them before her beloved inn is swallowed up.

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